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Trip To Australia Quartet in Four Movements
90min., 1990 104min, 1994
A road movie set in contemporary Greece as seen through the eyes of two young boys who " escape " from home to travel.
A journey to freedom and adventure
The encounter of two women and two men in passionate and unexpected routes of love, in a feast of sound and images.
Montreal Film Fest
Thessaloniki Film Fest
Dancing Soul Comedy Nights
94min., 1999 121min., 2001
A poetic love story between a beautiful guilt-ridden young woman and a famous dancer / choreographer experiencing mid-life disillusionment.
Worldfest Houston
Thessalonika Festival
A «comic documentary» by Lucia Rikaki, on stand up comedy in Greece, the Original Greek Knights of Comedy. Life needs comedians as it can be cruel without their irony. Laughter is not only liberation, it is consiousness, it can reverse reality, reveal lies.
94min, 2007
A new film by Lucia Rikaki
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