Is a "comic documentary" by Lucia Rikaki, on stand up comedy in Greece, the Original Greek Knights of Comedy.

Life needs comedians as it can be cruel without their irony. Laughter is not only liberation, it is consiousness, it can reverse reality, reveal lies.
Stand up comedy started in Greece in 1995 following the initative of Lucia Rikaki.

7 years now stand up comedy performances are hosted in the first and only comedy club in Greece 104 in the centre of Athens.
The film Comedy Nights documents the greek version of stand up comedy which has found a very loyal audience and introduced the very first group of Greek stand up comedians.

Part documentary, part performance piece, on-stage, off-stage, and everything in between.



This is a concert film that captures the essence of the very popular Comedy Nights in Greece The comedic stylings of each of the nine stand up comedians participating are show cased.
For the most part, it plays the way a real Comedy Nights performance does every night in Athens.
Thanasis Papageorgiou routine is divided into several parts, each of which is followed by an introduction to one of the other comedians: Costas Papageorgiou, Silas Seraphim, Yiannis Lazaris, Niki Hatzigeorgiou, Dimitris Demopoulos, Andreas Constantinides, Chris Zaralikos.

He is bringing something new and funny each time, and also getting involved with the audience, warming them up.
Much of the comedy in the film has to do with personal relationships. Every day life might not be relaxed for many people today, but maybe comedy can help people get used to it all.
Over time, people have learned to get used to plenty of things through comedy; comedy is like a language that we all share.
A funny movie touching on issues and ideas that we all care about. To say it in another way, this is a funny movie, because you will laugh quite a bit

   what critics say...

Don't be fooled by the documentary label. This is a very funny film about the only stand up comedy show in Greece and the brave souls who dare to "teach" the audience what it's all about. They are an irreverent, goofy bunch.
The film profiles the comedians and their acts at one time. The combo of one man or woman, a microphone ,a room full of little round tables and interactive humour is not a Greek tradition. But as this simple well edited documentary made with the comfort of an insider proves, people love the new genre.
The film is made by Lucia Rikaki the filmaker who launched Comedy Nights in 1995.
The end product is smoothly linked together with jazzy bridges, spontaneous and packed jokes." Angelike Contis, Athens News newspaper
"7 years now Lucia Rikaki cultivates with persistence and stability the genre of stand up comedy Her film is very interesting a documentary portraying the profile of the first Greek stand up comedians and the best moments of their performances.
Very well edited and very good camera movement You should see it You will love it and you will laugh a great deal."
Anna Sabatakaki, Vradini newspaper

""Even God when he created the world he stood up and smiled.
What is this if it is not stand up comedy?" suggests one of the actors portraying his experience in the search for the thousand faces of humour and for the liberating force of self sarcasm Lucia Rikaki's documentary is one of the few that manage to get released theatrically.
Camera follows the extremely funny comedians in their personal environment and on the comedy club scene where nothing escapes their satire.
The audience participates with great enthousiasm. Comedy for some is not only a way of life but also a way of psychoanalysis."
Evanna Venardou, Elefterotypia newspaper



  Film Credits
  Director Lucia Rikaki
  Screenplay 104 Comedy
Club team
  Phtography Lucia Rikaki,
Nikos Nikolaidis
  Editing Spyros Tsiftsis
  Music Costis Zevgadellis  
Silas Serafim
Than. Papageorgiou
Chris Zaralikos
Niki Hadjigeorgiou
An.  Konstandinides Dim. Demopoulos, Yiannis Lazaris, Konst. Ravniotopoulos
  Production Lucia Rikaki
  Distributor Tricky Trick Films
  Subtitles English
  Format VHS
  Length 104min
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