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Anna lives with her father in the house she has inherited from her mother. An unbearable silence, imposed by feelings of guilt, prevails in Anna's house after her mother's death.
Communication with her father is difficult and often impossible.
Anna meets Alexander, a very succes full dancer choreographer. Alexander's midlife crisis is leading him to an unexpected, selfish and often selfdistructive behaviour in his personal life and artistic activity.

Trapped in the impasse , ordained by his fears, he feigns an injury and starts behaving like an invalid. His false infirmity, while at first seems to be a solution to most of his problems, will eventually become a source of many more anxieties.
When he meets Anna he is isolated. Although he realises Anna's input in his life, he is unable to respond and appreciate this new relationship. Anna admires Alexander and she is even fascinated by his weaknesses.

The difficult confrontation between them and her daily demanding exercise in the art of attack and defence in fencing will lead her to an exhausting emotional state. She ventures a decisive confrontation with her father, in her attempt to put an end to their silence and finally face the ghosts of their past, still haunting them.

A rare strength that will give her the courage to tackle her life and the tournament. Just before her father's death Anna has won both the quality she longed for in their relationship and the championship in the tournament.

  Festival Circuit

Dancing Soul opened theatrically in Greece the 29th of January 1999.

Since it has won three awards. It has been awarded:
* Bronze Award at Worldfest International Film Festival in Houston, USA
* Prix Agenda 21 at ECOFILM International Film Festival in Lille, France
* State Quality Award at Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece.

Dancing Soul has also been selected in the following film festivals in the Competition Sections:

*2001 DOGME 95 section of the upcoming Alexandria festival in Egypt.
*2000 Worldfest International Film Festival in Houston, USA
*2000 Bermuda International Film Festival in Bermuda
*2000 ECOFILM International Film Festival Lille in France
*2000 Palm Beach International Film Festival in the USA
*1999 Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece
*1999 Mumbai International Film Festival in India
*1999 Rome International Film Festival in Italy
*1999 Alexandria International Film Festival in Egypt
*1999 Shanghai International Film Festival in China
*1999 MIFF Milano International Film Festival in Italy.

   Review:  What critics say...

"Beautiful aesthetic and artistic sense of frame, careful and correct use of the good cinematography, a careful art direction and many fruitful visual compositions."

"This is a poetic film, a love story where the heroes use their bodies as their basic tool of expression and thus the film offers the opportunity to the viewer to enjoy impressive choreographies and fencing scenes."
Makedonia Daily paper

"An artistic achievement, with elaborate aesthetics and careful use of music. A very sensitive approach."
Eleftheros Typos Daily paper



 Film Credits
  Director Lucia Rikaki
  Screenplay Lucia Rikaki, Georges Notaras
  Photo Argyris Theos
  Editing Takis Yiannopoulos
  Setting Antonis Chalkias
  Costume Antonis Chalkias
  Music Katerina Lipiridou, Thimios Papadopoulos, Thanassis Rikakis, Clara Schuman, Fanny Mendelson
Katerina Lipiridou, Kostas Kakavas, Kyriakos Kosmidis, Vicky Protogeraki Kostandinos Konstantopoulos
  Production Lucia Rikaki
  Distributor Tricky Trick Films
  Subtitles English
  Format 35mm
  Length 94 min
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