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Quartet in 4 Movements is a beautiful tender film on love filled with music by Zbigniew Preisner.
Lucia Rikaki orchestrates the encounters of two women and two men in passionate and unexpected routes of love, in a feast of sound and images.
Zbigniew Preisnerís original music plays a paramount part in the film while being a powerful metaphor for the passionate interplay among the main characters.

Quartet in 4 Movements
won the State Quality Award, Greece in 1994.
Alexandra and Andonis are a thirtysomething couple whose relationship is suddenly threatened by Stephanos, a famous composer and Claire a strange young photographer.
Soon Alexandra and Andonis will find themselves involved in two unforseen love affairs almost simultaneously.
Alexandra and Stephanos will live a romantic love affair filled with music and emotions.
However Alexandra realises that she cannot belong in the turbulant world of narcissist Stephanos Andonis...

  Festival Circuit

Quartet in 4 movements opened in Greece on December 9th 1995 by Rosebud/Skouras in major cinemas in Athens and Thessaloniki.
The film became that year a major box office success with 180.000 entries.
Quartet in 4 movements was thus the best selling non-english speaking film and the second best selling non american film following 4 Weddings and a Funeral.
In order to comprehend the scale of this success please note that the average box office for a Greek film this season is a maximum of 900 entries per week.
The equivalent admissions during '94 - '95 season for European arthouse pictures was: 40.000 for Exotica, 25.000 for Caro Diario, 13.000 for L'Enfer, 15.000 for Soleil Trompeur, 16.000 for Naked, 30.000 for My Favourite Season.
The equivalent admissions for American films was: 250.000 for Forrest Gump , 85.000 for Speed D, 82.000 for Pulp Fiction, 45.000 for Bullets Over Broadway.
*Source : "TA NEA" Daily paper

Quartet in 4 movements went through 3 festivals.
It was screened at:
*1994, Montreal International Film Festival, Canada
*1994, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
*1994, Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt

   Review:  What critics say...

"A film that will take a particular place in our hearts..." "Lucia Rikaki is suggesting a secret trip into our heart ,blending high aesthetics with particular taste and love".
Manos Thireos, MEDIA WEEKLY

"Mrs Rikaki makes serious cinema. Without any clumsiness and with very much knowledge.The images are beautiful and the love scenes convincing. Music is effusive everywhere. A tender love story."

"The film of this young woman director is filled with an incredible tenderness And it is also incredibly sensual. Wonderfull images in unforseen Greek landscapes naked bodies melt with desire and the music is overwhelming."
Lefteris Papadopoulos, NEA

"A beautifull harmony of images and personalities. The unusual Greek landscapes selected create a natural peacefull set of earthy colours. The love scenes are sensual and escape from the usual cliches. Zbigniew Preisner's music and Manolis Lidakis interpretation of C.Palamas lyrics contribute to the charm and beauty of the cinematic atmosphere. Different cultures met to pay hommage to the "world creator music" (kosmoplastra musiki). One of the most beautiful Greek films".
Sissy Daskalaki, AVG

"The emotionally strong scenes between the four persons in the film are scenes set with extreme professionalism, beautifully photographed with impressive and well studied camera movements and with the magnificient soundtrack by Zbigniew Preisner".
Ninos Fenek Mikelides, ELEFTEROTYPIA

"This story explores the harmonies and natural restraints of wandering. This is a woman's film in more than one ways. In this story emotion coexists with the image in an ideal complexion.Preisner's mature music contributes in the justification of the most lyrical moments of the film Mrs Rikaki's film direction suggests a promising new appointment".
Yiannis Deliolanis, CINEMA

"Lucia Rikaki observes and orchestrates the encounter of the four heroes in her film. Obscure and unexpected routes of love in a feast of sound and images. The plasticity of the image, the exceptionally cared shot placing and the secret power of the screenplay, form a game of glances and movements".
Christos Mitsis, ETHNOS

"I am emotionally moved ! this kind of miracles do not happen often. Unique aesthetic result and wonderfull music. Our most important poet Kostis Palamas interpreted in a unique way by Manolis Lidakis and the magic music of Preisner. Kosmoplastra musiki is one of the best songs ever".
Sakis Tsilikis, PARON



Film Credits

  Director Lucia Rikaki
  Screenplay Lucia Rikaki,
Georges Notaras,
Nikos Papandreou
  Photography Agelos Viscadourakis
  Editing Takis Yiannopoulos
  Costume Michalis Sdougos
  Music Zbigniew Preisner  
Georges Corraface, Thenis Bazaka, Ourania Gioni,
K. Konstantopoulos
  Production Lucia Rikaki
  Distributor Tricky Trick Films
  Subtitles English
  Format 35mm
  Length 104 min
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